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In a recent e -mail i was ask a question:

Its a question I have been asked more then once by a number of people why did Viking Yachts stop using your system. Its a question I have also been asking myself .

Why would a builder use something for over ten years on every boat they built from the 54 to the new 82 that worked better then what they went back to the Linea exhaust muffur.

My be it was price " but I don't think so but always passable.

All the models we did with Viking the first was the 61' then the next the 64' and then the 68', 70', 74', & 82' plus one 92' at owner's request.

The MTU boats were very quiet and well within back pressure requirements.

There was some concerned as to higher exhaust noise on the caterpillar C -32 & C-18 engines the MTU engines were very quiet due to the amount of raw water cooling more then twice that of caterpillar.

We did suggest adding more water to the exhaust as we did with Donzi , Jarrett Bay , Sunny Briggs, Ricky Scarborough, and Tim Winter boats using the same power that approved to quiet down the caterpillar engines very close to our MTU boats .

We have know water is one of the best ways to one cool the exhaust as well as quieting it down.

I know for a fact the owners and captains loved our exhaust design it was cleaner especially backing down on a fish. And at the end of a days run the cockpit was dry no wet exhaust mist on the back windows the crews seem to like this benefit . And the design just worked as for why Viking stopped using our exhaust design in recent years I really don't have a clue but if you fine out please let me know.

So as to your question: I don`t know "maybe it was that I voted for Trump "

Hope not.

George V

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