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A New Change in VWD

Over the last few months I have made a decision to no longer take any new exhaust design work we will be redirecting that to a new company that we have been working with us as to any retrofit projects. I have been doing this now for over 30 years and it's time to slow it down

I am making an offer by mail to a number of OEM boat builders to acquire my all rights to the new drop-in modular or in mold exhaust design that is on this site.

That has been in development now going on over 30 years. After 30 years of testing and been proven on motor vessels from 30' to over 200' and power from 300 to 6000 hp and meets all engine companies PID requirements and has been certified & approved by ABS, Lloyd's ,RINA .

The new modular design will give that builder a definite advantage as to maximizing interior space for maximum fuel load and range to accommodate present power requirements and future for their customer requirements .

Do wish to thank all our builders over the years for helping us design and test the most efficient exhaust system on the planet.

As to our present clients and any future projects please contact Johan Hagstrom @ CO.FE.ME USA Marine Exhaust ( 954) 205-2252 Johan has worked with us from 2001 and I can highly recommend his work and his knowledge of our exhaust designs.

As for me I plan on weighting a number of books and also do private consulting work going forward for owners and builders as to there exhaust issues. After more the 30 years in this industry and having my designs now successfully proven on more then 500 applications both OEM and retrofit projects and happy to say we have never had a exhaust failure from my first design in 1987 to our latest with Mark Willis new 77' .

Any interested builder or other please contact me at or I plan on up-dating this blog going forward .

Time to go fishing and a few others things.

George V

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