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How good is our exhaust design ?

I am often ask this ? Well some very stright talk that some people might be uncomfortable with the fact is based on the sea trials and data collected by engine company's and builders on this system. Now on more then 500 vessel applications on motor vessels from 30' to 200'+ and power close to 6000 hp and passing all engine company's requirements for back pressure and cylinder head temperature's plus the add hull performance and fuel efficiency.

The fact is if you are building a sport fish , large motor yacht you will not fine a better exhaust package then our designs proven and tested for more then 30 years of successful applications.

In future blogs I will explain in detail why this system will become the future of boat building going forward. Why we are the only exhaust pasckage that will conformed with the new higher heat emission systems of future power also reducing engine raw water discharge temperatures. Helping to reduce ocean temperatures .

Hope you fine this information informative and helpful if you have any ? please just ask .


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