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Von'Widmann Designs 2019>

We have started our new year off with two new projects with Donzi /Roscioli yachts on two new 76 line of sport fish yachts we have been standard on the full line since 2002 using our stringer system design. Today the number one design objective besides meeting engine company PID requirements of low back pressure is maximizing interior space for fuel load and range it seems to be one of the number one requirements from Captains & Owners of new sport fish yachts . Fuel has always been in short supply on such boats due to the available space aboard with the increase demand for power and more speed from owners and also the demand for more equipment such as Sea Keeper system space for needed fuel has become more important. Due to our ability to utilize unusable space for our exhaust runs the new Donzi 76s will be some of the longest cruising range sport fish yachts in there class.

Fuel load has become a very important part of the design and layout of new custom sport fish yachts without the need for any conventional mufflers or large exhaust piping our designs can meet the needs of new sport fish development.

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