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Why the Stringer System:

Takes me back to a conversation I had back in the late 1990s with one of the heads at Bertram Yachts. The engineering department Tim Chiffon he said one of his biggest problems was needed space for everything that was coming into the sport fish market. The need for more of everything needed fuel for the up coming increase in power and all the other stuff that everyone wants such as sea keepers and all the other never ending new things that owners want and trying to fine space for all this stuff is going to be like trying to put 10 lbs of potatoes into a 5 lb sack.

That conversation has always stayed with me he said whatever you could do to reduce the footprint of the exhaust would be most helpful and most welcome by any boat builder.  And that has been the number 1 design objective of this new system is reducing the exhaust footprint. There is nothing sexy about an exhaust system so in my view design it by taking up as little space as passable and make it as simple as passable to install this new design accomplishes both.

The below shows very clearly the benefit of the stringer system in this application the fuel tanks can run over top of the exhaust duct run maximizing fuel and space for the sea keeper the enter exhaust run in under the stringer system using unusable space in the bilge for the exhaust run.

The system does everything a muffler will do only taking up no needed real estate .


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