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Something new coming 2024

In the coming year I will be sending out a press release as to something I have been working on for a number of years the redesigned exhaust system that will solve a number of issues as to needed interior space special in the sport fish marked. The objective of this new system is in providing more needed space as well as a total drop-in manufactured design I have taken over 30 years of R&D testing and design refinements from our first dope in system in 2000 on the 110' motor yacht Prestige built in Tampa, Florida now we believe we have created the most efficient way to maximize space lower installation cost to the builder and providing the safest marine exhaust system within the marine industry. As most know I have been working with Johan at Viking Marine Exhaust in Miami for a number of years for this out come.

Keep coming back for more up-dates as to our progress.


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