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Over the last few weeks I have been asked what is the biggest benefit of our drop-in or in mold exha

The answer is room. The boats are not really getting that much bigger in the 50' to 90' sport fish range other then the power. Ask any owner of a sport fish what he wants in his boat and 9 out of 10 will tell you speed and range . But speed takes fuel and you only have so much space available. So the biggest need is maximizing fuel load .

Consider this an average 64' sport fish like a Viking 64 using MTU 12V2000 series @ 1950 hp 2150 rpm cruising speed 150 gph 37 knots fuel tanks 2000 gls usable fuel 1800 gls a range of 480 miles .

We can add an additional 18 w'' x 20'' h x 12' L more fuel capacity both starboard and port sides. Weather an aircraft or motor vessel maximizing speed and range has always been one of the number one design objective of both the owner or the builder of a motor vessel air craft.

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