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Our Coast Guard proposal

Well as with all things we did our best to show the benefits of our design and feel we would improve the Sentinel by adding additional needed space aboard and reducing fleet maintenance costs the saving would be considerable.

But more importantly giving our Coast Guard a much safer vessel.

My personal view about the present exhaust system on the Sentinels Coast Guard Cutters it's antiquated outdated system that takes up to much space and additional tonnage to the vessel. And due to the exhaust exiting out the sides of the vessel close to midships creates a constant maintenance issue as well as a big target due to exiting heat signature in todays days and times it should be a high consideration to both the Coast Guard and our Navy.

Our design proposal in 2016 was to offer a exhaust system that would lower maintenance cost both in labor and fuel as well as the ability to reduce vessel tonnage and add needed space aboard with a possible fuel saving of 10% to 15% per vessel when you are looking at a fleet of some 54 vessels the saving are in the millions every year for the life spans of such vessels of 30+ years. Even with the cost of retrofitting the existing vessels with this upgrade the saving yearly in return would pay for the upgrade plus saving millions over the life of the Sentinel Cutter's plus this new Cutter was to be our newest state-of-the-art then lets fix some of the peasants issues.

We will keep trying at our end maybe someone might pass this on to the White House Donald Trump wants to save some long-term money here is one way> But tell then we will be here .

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