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It seems I always have a few projects on the drawing board you might say my new painting of one of my Favorite boat builders it was the small details that was so noticeable about his boats. Everything in boat building comes down to the small details and challenges of building a boat. Much has changed over the years and boat builders have had to make changes to keep up with their clients requirements for power &'s other things. My first understanding of this was after a conversation with Tim Chiffont head of engineering for Bertram Yacht in Miami in 1999 about the future of boat building . He said the boats are not really going to be getting that much bigger at the time Bertram had experience in the building of sport fish and motor yachts 50' to 85' Tim, said at the time boat building at the moment is like trying to put 10 pounds of potatoes into a 5 pound sack and it's only going become a much bigger problem in the future. At the time in 1999 power in boats started to change with the introduction of the new MTU 2000 sereis and in 2000 Caterpillar introduced the new C-32 1550 hp engine . Fuel started to become an issue more power more fuel needed and here we are in 2018 the same boat is now running the new MTU 2000 series 2600hp and Cat at 1950 hp and more fuel is needed. Now owners of such boats want to things from there boat builder one speed & range most important in todays sport fish boats market. In todays market now we have other room requirements besides the need for more fuel. With such things as the new Sea~ keeper systems now taking up more needed space & fuel.

Power in the future will not be coming down and the Sea ~Keeper is just one of a number of space requirements in the future of boat building.

More to come ,


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