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Morning e-mail May 4th 2018

A Captain asked: My owners are thinking of moving up to a larger sport fish in the 80+ range why your exhaust design over the conventional muffler exhaust like Marine Exhaust linear exhaust ?

Well if you are looking at a 80+ sport fish most likely you are also looking at the MTU 16V2000 series at 2600 hp . I would have to say why I would recommend our exhaust over any other conventional systems is range and space. I think the Marine Exhaust is a very good system it's relatively quiet and it's been well proven over the years. But the fact is it takes up needed space that can be better utilized for more fuel and equipment.

The exhaust piping for the MTU 16V2000 series requires a 16'' diameter pipe with additional space on each side of the pipe and routine maintenance and heat ventilation so about 24" to 28'' from the engine room bulkhead to the transom and average about 16' long this is all wasted space just for exiting the engine exhaust.

We can utilize that space for more needed fuel as a former skipper and pilot weather in a motor vessel of air craft in my view maximum range has always been at the top of my requirements. And most likely on this new sport fish your thinking about you plan on using the new sea~ keeper system that will be taking up a considerable amount of needed space.

So I would have to say if I was to build a new sport fish in todays market in the 80+ foot range I would say maximizing fuel load and range as my number one objective.

Our new modular exhaust design will give you maximum fuel load plus it's the safest exhaust design on the world market and meets and exceeds all engine companies requirements for back pressure. And no holes in the transom.


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