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C-32 EHS Modular System

Over this weekend I have been finalizing the C-32 exhaust modular system. I looked at a broad range of sport fish hulls in the 50' to 80' range of hulls Viking , Jarrett Bay, Spencer , Roscioli , Sunny Briggs, Jim Smith, Tim Winters, Mark Willis. We designed this system using the above hull designs. We found that there was very little difference overall from one to the other from the outboard stringer to the outboard chime .

We have been working on a very simple installation system with plexus working it out on paper is always the first step.

Next month we will be making visits to boat builder's from Fort Lauderdale to New Jersey to show the benefits of this new modular system and taking orders for 2019 /20 production schedule.

If you have a pacific time please e mail us at or we are not taking any phone call at this time do to reorganization of the our

company .

George Von'Widmann

Head of Design & Development

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