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My Blogs My offend you.

I am sure I have offend a number of people in my industry if so then it is what it is , I have given my views points on a number of subjects as it relates to my county and some of the design problems in the boating industry that I have pointed out as it relates to safety and overall engine performance.

I was very direct in my pointing out such facts that may have made a number of people feel uneasy but the facts speak for themselves.

What I pointed out in the design of modern hull design a more efficient way of dealing with main engine exhaust issues. Looking at the future of new hull design and the increase demand for more engine power and also the need for more room for such things as Sea Keeper systems , water makers , and toys the room inside the hull is now shrinking.

Back in 1998 at a meeting with the head of engineering Tim Chifant he said our biggest problem is our boat hulls are not getting all that much bigger in the 50' to 80' but the future demand for power and the future need for more fuel and others things that are on the drawing boards " it's going to be like putting 10 lb of potatoes into a 5 lb sack. Tim was 100% correct in predicting this issue back in that meeting in 1998.

You don't need my system to quiet down your exhaust or even making back pressure the fact is no one really has a problem with such issues.

But then it comes to room weather it's for pleasure boat design or a military design for conventional shafting hulls with higher horsepower such as in the sport fish marked this system makes to much sense not to use such a design .

It would honestly be stupid to design or build a hull of this type using the old conventional mufflers and piping .

I hope I did not affend anyone but the facts are what they are.

George Von'Widmann

VP Head of Design & Engineering

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