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Last few 12 months>

Over the last 12 plus months I have had the opportunity to inspect and sea trial a great number of OEM yachts as to exhaust noise I would have to say most were relatively quiet especially the new IPS Systems and even the conventional shaft boats all are very clean running no more soot issues seems the engine company's have done a great job as to that issue .

The one pod system that I found not quiet at all was a QS-11 Cumming boat.

In the sport fish marked I found one real problem especially in the 50 to 100 ' boats was the need for more fuel and range . Over the years of working with my son and a number of his friends one of there biggest request to a builder whether it's a 38' Yellow Fin or a Viking 74' is speed and range number one on every skippers list.

And in looking at usable fuel on any sport fish you need to really get creative with the space you have to work with especially with all the new things coming into the boating market that owners and skippers are asking for such a the new Sea Keeper systems.

The challenge is utilizing the real estate you have available in the most efficient way that was my challenge back in 1998 in the meeting at Bertram ,was how to reduce the foot print of are aft chamber systems and give the builder more interior room for fuel and other things.

The solution was to use unusable space the first opportunity came up in 2000 when we were ask to come up with a solution on a new build on a 105' Sport fish for Broward Yacht in Fort Lauderdale power was the new MTU M-91 16V2000 series @1950 hp.

The problem Broward was having they had no room for muffles or even the 16'' piping to the transom this was are first stringer system design.

With the Broward 105' the Odyssey they were able to put in two crew state rooms aft of the engine room in the below photo giving this builder the ability to maximize fuel load by placing the fuel tanks over the top of the exhaust duct run the center cut out you see is to accommodate the new Sea Keeper system giving this 58' sport fish more range then her competitors in this market of boat. More to come >

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