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Government Shutdown

You know with all this talk about saving money or trying to fine money to build the Wall maybe the Government should re-look at our proposal that we submitted in a meeting at Coast Guard Headquarters in Baltimore in 2017 a design proposal that will fix a number of design problems on the new Sentinel Cutters. we pointed out, our proposal would fix all the present issues plus save the Coast Guard hundreds of millions of dollars in fleet maintenance cost and fix present safety issue. At that meeting it seemed everyone understood the overall benefits of our design proposal.

Our solution will solve the problems aboard our newest cutter being built at Bollinger ship, Inc Gulfport , MS our solution will solve a heat signature issue plus reduce excessive weight provide more space that is needed on the weather deck and reduce fleet fuel coat by as much as 15%. I personally inspected the Cutter Trump at Key West Coast Guard Base in 2016 and meet with the engineering crew to understand the issues first hand and there view of the problems on our newest Sentinel Cutter. Since our meeting in 2017 we have continued to pursue our proposal and the most efficient way of retro the fleet.

I will continue to work in this direction in 2019 >


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