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Sport fish boats

I often get e-mails from a number of skippers asking me about our exhaust design and what type of boat can benefit the most by using our design specially our stringer system design , lets face it space on any boat is in short supply so you have to make the best use of that space on sport fish boats most of the usable space available is under the rear cockpit floor and in this area you need space for a multitude of other things like refrigeration , sea keeper systems , water, water makers, and also fuel. So our most valuable benefit is giving the boat builder more needed space aboard. Let's face it there is nothing sexy about an exhaust system on any boat or any exhaust system the only thing you want is to get the exhaust out and take up as little room as passable on the boat. Fuel is becoming a much bigger problem then ever before on such boats more power more speed more fuel need for range we are one of the only exhaust systems that can one give you more room plus a much less complicated system.

The below shows a 58' Sport fish with fuel tanks over top of exhaust duct run, the center cut out was needed for the new Sea Keeper System. This same system has been successfully used on Donzi, Jarrett Bay, Jim Smith, Mark Willis, Sunny Birggs, Rick Scarborough & Viking Yachts plus a dozen other boat builders around the world it's the most efficient way to use needed space aboard any boat.

Keep in touch I am sure we can help you save some needed space as well.

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