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New Painting Donzi 80' Weed line.

Whenever I get any time to myself you will normally fine me with a paintbrush in my hand this painting has a ways to go that I am calling 'Weed Line " The sport fish is very recognizable as the Donzi 80' and have to say one of my long time favorite boats. My company started working with Bob Roscioli back in 2002 with our first boat the Donzi 58' since then we have been standard on the full line of Donzi Yachts now going on 17 years .

We have worked very closely with the Donzi team in developing our stringer system design and in doing so we have maximized interior space making the full line of Donzi / Roscioli yachts as some of the most efficient yachts on the planet but also due to having a larger fuel load as some of the longest cruising range sport fish boats in our industry. When this painting is completed I plan on giving it to Bob ,as a way of saying thank you for his support over the last 17 years Thank you Bob hope you like the painting .when finished .

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