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A question was asked of me.

This week I was asked a question as to all the boat builders i have worked with and sea trialed there boats witch one would you pick as the one you would buy or recommend to a close friend. I would honestly say the Donzi line of yachts especially the 73 & 80 are two of the most impressive boats I have ever experienced comfortable in a sea way.

You feel like you have a hull under you the MTU boats all have been relatively fast hitting 40 plus knots at sea trial

Of course very quiet and smooth no vibration the quietness & lack of vibration comes from our Stringer system exhaust that we have been standard on the full line of Donzi's since 2002 yep if I had the money a d could pick the best overall sport fish it would have to be my favorite the Donzi 80. The painting is coming along well not done but getting closer back to painting

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