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The future of the sport fish market

One of the biggest issues facing the boat builders in future years is going to be need space aboard their boats more so with this new engine requirements of the new SCR exhaust treatment systems going into effect March 2021 one year from this month. We are already getting calls as to how we deal with this new system and a number of issues that boat builders will need to make and need room is at the top of the list. MTU and Caterpillar has already announced new higher power engines that will require more fuel and this is being driven by customer demand for more speed and range so boat builders need to adjust for some big changes in the way they build their boats especially in the sport fish market.

Years ago in a engineering meeting at Bertram yacht in Miami with the chief engineer he told me one of his biggest issues in his sport fish boat designs was room " He said it's like trying to put 10 lb of potatoes into a 5 lb sack and is only going to become a even bigger problem in the future that was in the year 2000 20 years ago . Shortly after that conversation we designed our first Stringer System Designed into a new 105' Sport fish by Broward yachts. And now being used on a wide range of both motor & sport fish yachts .

This Stringer System design is one of the best and most efficient way to maximize interior space aboard any motor vessel but especially on a sportfish design were space has always been in short Supply

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